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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  August 19, 2013 8:00am-10:01am PDT

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do it. he is little fighter. he wiggle es around quite a lot. >> you're up at night. >> not as much as catherine. she is doing a fantastic job. martha: how do you think he is doing, gregg? >> future king changing diapers? i don't buy it. martha: of course he does. we'll leave you on that night. bye everybody. see you tomorrow. have a good day. >> brand new stories and breaking news to bring you. jon: almost impossible to imagine the crisis in egypt is growing worse. dozens of egyptian police officers are massacred in an ambush. the e.u. holds an emergency meeting trying to stop the brutal violence as some u.s. lawmakers call for an end to military aid to egypt. a tearful oscar pistorius indicted today on charges he murdered his model girlfriend. he is set to stand trial this winter in south africa. our legal panel weighs in.
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so many kids are using smartphones these days. a new study said, staring at that little screen could cause permanent damage to young eyes. the doctor is in. it is all "happening now." jon: and horrific news out of egypt on this monday as calls increase here at home to stop spending your tax dollars on a country in such turmoil. good morning. i'm jon scott. >> i'm heather nauert in for jenna lee today. there is a lot boeing on. we begin more violence in the arab world, the most populous nation suspected militants kill at least 25 police officers in a brazen day time attack in the sinai peninsula. meantime egyptian officials say 36 islamists died while they were in government custody. the circumstances of their deaths is unclear. we're continuing to watch that. people on all sides of this
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conflict have died since wednesday. that is when the military moved to clear camps of muslim brotherhood supporters. now in the aftermath of that, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle here in the united states say it is time to send a message and cut off american aid to egypt. among them senator john mccain, the leading republican recently traveling to egypt at the request of president obama. listen to this. >> we have no credibility. we do have influence but when you don't use that influence then you do not have that influence. we could be cutting off the aid, the spare parts and maintenance of these military equipment that we've given the egyptians is, important to their capabilities. jon: and just today, state media reports that a lawyer for former president hosni mubarak says the dictator who ruled egypt for more than 30 years will soon be freed from jail. chief white house correspondent ed henry is life at the white house. the news on mubarak, ed, may add
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some more ammunition to those folks who say we should cut off aid to egypt. >> reporter: you're right, jon. remember hosni mubarak is in jail in part for not stopping the killing of some 900 protesters in egypt a couple years ago. there are fears that releasing him from prison will only spark more violence in egypt and in fact will lead to reprisals from the muslim brotherhood upset that mubarak's successor, mow happened morsi, of the muslim brotherhood was knocked out by the egyptian military as you noted of the bottom line, it adds to further chaos in egypt. why a string of lawmakers like senator mccain and senator lindsey graham say it is time to cut off over the one billion dollars in u.s. aid per year. take a listen. >> we'll have a failed state in egypt. we have to suspend the aid. we can't support the reaction to the military. the brotherhood over played their hand starting this we
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can't support what the military is doing in response. >> reporter: as the senator noted, senator graham was in egypt with senator john mccain at the behest of president obama. and him saying cut real influence, jon. jon: mr. obama is back to work after his vacation on martha's vineyard a lot of other voices are saying maybe the president should keep sending aid to egypt. >> reporter: that's right, jon. he got back here late last night in the white house after being in martha's vineyard for eight days. he interrupted the vacation to make a brief public about the grave situation in egypt. at that time the president was canceling a planned join military exercise with the egyptian military but stopped short of saying u.s. should cut off aid. some republicans like peter king say we shouldn't cut off the aid. take a listen. >> we shouldn't cut off aid. there are no good choices in egypt. the fact is there are no good guys there. there are opportunity to protect
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america's interest if we continue with the military and continue our relationship with the military. >> reporter: another facet for the president back at home and back at work, later this thursday and friday he plan ad bus tour through new york and pennsylvania, up state new york. he wants to talk about the middle class and economy and jobs. this would be another example in egypt where outside events, whether it would be controversies back here at home or international crises are really overshadowing his domestic agenda. he has a stalled second term agenda, right now, jon. jon: even someone as powerful as the president is at the whim of world events. ed henry, thank you. >> a lot on his plate. jon: he sure does. >> turning to south africa where "blade runner" oscar pistorius was charged with premeditated murder in the death of his girlfriend. the double amputee appeared tearful as prosecutors laid out their case in court. that indictment sends the case to the higher court and that's where the judge will pronounce the athlete innocent or guilty.
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prosecutors claim that the evidence will prove the death of reva steenkamp, his girlfriend was an intentional killing. neighbors said they heard a woman screaming before the fatal gunshots were heard. amy kellogg is following this. she is live in london. good morning, amy. there is talk about new charges possibly being filed in this case. are you hearing anything about that today? >> reporter: that has been expected, heather but we've not heard anything further about that. it is possible some new charges which reportedly could relate to his, oscar pistorius's reckless use of firearms in the past could come forward but again, nothing came out in court. that had been speculation until this point. but that witness you mentioned, heather, apparently heard screaming. then silence, then gunshots and more screaming. if that is true, that would suggest that there had been an argument that had escalated. but today we're really no closer
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to knowing whether oscar pistorius shot his girlfriend, reva steenkamp who was locked into a bathroom in a fit of rage or whether he shot at her because he thought she was an intruder as he claimed. today's hearing is just a formality. procedural. as they call it a formal indictment in south africa. pistorius arrived into court wading into a massive scrum of cameras and media. media attention has not subsided involving once national hero and olympic gold medalist. he voicely age. leaned into his brother carl and sister amy before the proceedings and prayed together. reportedly he is spending a lot of time reading the bible and praying. here is how our fox news producer who was in the courtroom described the scene. >> then followed 27 very bleak minutes where he was standing there, gaunt. he tried to avoid eye contact
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with everyone including me in the courtroom there i was own only about 10 feet from him. he was looking down. he was looking white-faced. he was looking tearful. >> reporter: pistorius's slain model girlfriend, reva stein camp would have turned 30 years old. her family members were not in the courtroom. close friends, the trial day, heather is set for march 3rd next year. the charges as put forth today by the prosecution are intentional murder, unlawful, intentional murder which is basically premeditated murder. there are some illegal ammunition charges. but the main one is this premeditated murder which in south africa would carry a maximum of lifetime in prison. they don't have the death penalty but if it were to be downgraded, if he were found guilty of culpable homicide, according to experts in
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south africa he could not even spend a day in jail. it might be community service and fines. there are a wide range of things that could happen but we don't even know until down the road, heather. >> no kidding. he may not spend a day in jail. we'll talk about that very issue. jon: no jury trials. just the judge. interesting. the court-martial of accused fort hood shooter nidal hasan is resuming. after calling '80 witnesses over the past two weeks, prosecutors are expected to rest their case as early as tomorrow. the 2009 massacre left 13 people dead, 30 more wounded. it was the worse mass shooting on an american military base. casey stiegel is live at fort hood for us right now. casey? >> reporter: sergeant kimberly hundredly was a star witness who took the stand before court wrapped up. she is one of the two police officers credited with shooting the gunman on that november afternoon and stopping this whole attack. her testimony was brief but
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extremely powerful. munley arrived on the scene and seeing a soldier in uniform firing in her direction and she returned fire and was shot three times and went down to the ground. the shooter kicked the weapon away and stood over her and tried shooting by his gun jammed. it wasn't until another fort hood police officer, sergeant mark todd, eventually fired the final shot hitting the suspect and paralyzing him. sergeant todd is expected to testify likely tomorrow we're told. we saw dash-cam video from sergeant hundredly's police cruiser which showed terrify people fleeing the srp, soldier readiness processing building where this happened. her microphone picking up the final gunbattle. it was pretty powerful stuff on the stand, jon. jon: wow, more testimony today? >> reporter: more testimony. prosecution is expected to call
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a couple more expert witnesses to the stand. then they will move into character witnesses. those who knew hasan, talking about former classmates here and former schoolmates. they will delve into the alleged radicalization. the relationship with anwar al-awlaki. recruiter for al qaeda. the prosecution will probably rest tomorrow. next, hasan will call at least two witnesses. remember he is serving as his own attorney. then we'll move into closing arguments here. the panel or jury in the court-martial could get the case mid to late next week. once the verdict is reached, if he is found guilty we'll move straight into the sentencing phase which could take another four or five days. possibly another two weeks here in this court mash small, jon. jon: a long wait for justice for the victims. >> reporter: it is. jon: families and survivors as well. casey stiegel, thank you. >> let's talk about san diego and the mayor there, bob filner
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plans to return to city hall today after two weeks of, therapy. more than a dozen women went public with accusations that he made unwanted sexual advances including to three city employees. filner, who is a democrat is resisting widespread calls for his resignation. today volunteers are fanning out throughout the city to collect enough signatures to authorize a recall election. they all seem to go into therapy when they get in trouble, don't they. jon? they do. he will not step down, is what he says. teenage surfer is in the hospital after a shark bite. his he was airlifted to a local hospital. the attack which happened near hilo forced the closure of beaches all along the coastline. it was the second shark attack in hawaii in less than a week. on wednesday a tourist lost her arm to a shark while snorkeling in maui.
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>> after a few rounds of golf and fun in the sun for his family, it is time to go back to work for president obama. we'll talk about the big challenges he faces when he returns to washington as ed was talking about. a whole lot of new stuff there. research is raising serious red flags about children using smartphones? we'll tell you how the devices may affect their health for a long, long time. ♪ copd makes it hard to breathe...
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[ male announcer ] advair diskus fluticasone propionate and salmeterol inhalation powder. get your first prescription free and save on refills at jon: it is back to reality for president obama after a week-long vacation on martha's vineyard. he is returning to washington already facing several hot-button issues from the crisis in egypt as well as debt
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deadlines with republicans over debt ceiling. as he prepares to hit the road on a bus tour touting his plans for economic and education reform. joining us david drucker, senior correspondent for the "washington examiner." egypt very much in flames and the president is going on this bus tour talking about how to make college education more affordable for the middle class supposedly. what about the optics of that, david? how does it look? >> well i don't think americans will be too upset with the idea that he is focused on domestic issues versus an obvious foreign policy problem and challenge. a lot of americans are war-weary and they're not much in the mood to look overseas and deal with what is going on over there. doesn't mean the problem in egypt which is a major problem and combine issues he is dealing with syria, et cetera, this will take most of his attention how much bus tours he goes on and how much focus he gives to the economy at least publicly. there is no doubt what is happening in egypt is a major,
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major issue for the united states. it could turn into a major foreign policy and national security problem because of the importance of egypt, vis-a-vis israel and entire region there and so no matter what the president chooses to focus on and, you know, americans probably, to some degree like to focus on education and thinks like that, i just expect he will be looking over his shoulder at the middle east for the foreseeable future. jon: what americans probably would like to focus on is jobs and the jobs numbers not great yet. still in the mid 7% range, unemployment and the president's poll numbers on the economy are looking, well, about as week as they have have right now. >> it is and it is interesting because on the one hand, voters have shown that they don't have much confidence in the republicans in congress either when it comes to this and obama polls generally better than republicans on these issues but ever since he has gone on his summer campaign to tout his
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economic proposes and policies, they're not much different than they have ever been but to tout them and renew focus on them, it hasn't helped him yet. i'm thinking that the fighting with house republicans and senate republicans, in regard to the looming budget issue and debt ceiling issue, they don't tend to help members about congress but they have also shown that they can drag down the president's approval numbers and that doesn't necessarily help him in terms of negotiating. so it is going to be a long fight. really, jon, until we get back to a case of 250,000 jobs a month, over month, over month, being created there will be, despite a lost good economic indicators there will be a drag in the eyes of a lot of americans that this economy isn't where they want it to be. jon: we have another budget fight coming up the end of sent when the federal budget, federal government will run out of money. >> get ready for another showdown. jon: we'll be covering that for sure, david, thank you. >> thanks a lot, jon.
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jon: stay up on all latest political developments on fox news. sign up for fox news first, daily politics newsletter at,/newsletter/sign-up/ politics. heather: got all that? jon: i will try. we'll get it on the website. heather: on to another serious story to tell you about. olympic "blade runner" oscar pistorius breaking down in court just a few hours ago. he was formally charged in the shooting of his girlfriend on valentine's day this year. our legal panel looks at the case. brand new developments to tell you about in the fort hood massacre. prosecutors could apparently wrap up their case very soon after presenting evidence about a possible motive. we'll explain when we come back. too big.
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heather: good morning to you. and right now prosecutors in the court-martial of the accused fort hood shooter, nidal hasan, are now trying to convince a judge to allow evidence of his alleged interest in jihad. that is something we talked about an awful lot here. hasan already telling jurors that he was a soldier who, quote, switched sides. prosecutors expected to rest their case sometime this week. hasan could face the death penalty if convicted of premeditated murder. let's talk about this with phillip snyder, a former prosecutor, criminal defense attorney and dan schorr, a former prosecutor. dan, let's start with you. let's talk a little bit about the evidence the prosecution wants included. basically they will want it included that he wrote these papers while he was down at walter reed saying he sympathized with suicide bombings. he apparently researched online jihad, muslims, just hours
8:25 am
before that shooting. so, do you think that the judge, dan, will allow this in? >> they will probably allow some of this in. the defense is not contesting any of this. the defendant wanted to raise defense of others defense which would say he was killing americans to protect the taliban. he wasn't saying he wasn't into jihad. the question here is, you have to weigh the probative value for the prosecution to show motive which is an important part of the prosecution versus prejudicial effect if they have too much evidence of jihad would it inflame the motions of the jury and not be relevant to the actual motive. it will be a balancing decision by the judge and some of it would come in. heather: seems relevant, though. what do you think? >> i think dan made a great point. probative value may outweigh the press r prejudicial value. i think the judge will weigh a balance. heather: that is really fine line -- >> because of an appeal they want to make sure there are no appealable issues when they come
8:26 am
back. heather: that is a really fine line. as you mentioned an appeal would obviously be a big concern. seems he wants the death penalty and wants to go out as a martyr. his defense is frustrated by that because he supposedly has to mount some sort after defense here. his attorney is now asking an appeals court to step in. dan, let's start with you. what do you think will happen with that? what might an appeals court do? >> i think the trial judge was right to tell the stand-by attorneys they have to stay on the case. the attorneys are saying we can't assist the defendants at all because he wants to die and wants to be found guilty. they say ethically they can't be part of the defense. judge says, you're a standby attorney and to for help if he wants it. that is important because of a appeal that could reverse the conviction. heather: if evidence of jihad is allowed into the case, i'm wondering what that means for the victim's claims it is terrorism and isn't an act of
8:27 am
workplace violence. what will that end up meaning for them if anything? >> i think it is important to the victims that evidence comes in. they want to say that man is a terrorist. he should be treated like a terrorist and our family members did not die in vain. the reality though whether that evidence comes in or not he will be found guilty. they will have some solace in their heart that man will not walk out of there ever again. heather: we'll see if they change the designation from workplace violence and to another issue. we have another case to talk about, the murder case making headlines around the world. oscar pistorius was indicted earlier in south after from -- africa, with more serious charge with killing his girlfriend with intent to kill. to lay out the case for folks, prosecutors are claiming that pistorius should his model girlfriend in the early morning hours of valentine's day after the couple apparently had some sort of an argument. they say the evidence will show it was premeditated murder.
8:28 am
dan, what is the strongest piece of evidence you see so far? >> the strongest piece of evidence is that he got up in the middle of the night and took a loaded gun and fired into a locked bathroom door and killed his girlfriend. we know he was the shooter. we know he intended to fire it. his story he thought the girl was in bed and didn't check. it defies common sense. the prosecution says even if he killed a so-called intruder it is unjustified and it was murder and. heather: our reporter amy kellogg has been reporting on this. she talked about how he could get off with just community service. could you explain how that works? >> i don't know how that is going to happen. if he is convicted of murder he will not get community service. to point out dan's point that defies common sense. here is what defies common sense. people dating lingerie models do not intentionally murder them that defies common sense.
8:29 am
heather: we'll follow the case as it goes along. jon: that is very strange one. the death to is rising in clashes between egyptian police and supporters of ousted president mohammed morsi. 25 police officerses are shot dead execution-style in the sign nye peninsula. we're live in the middle east. relentless flooding forces of tens of thousands from their homes, damage estimates climbing. as more flooding is expected. we'll show you where all of this is happening coming up. let's leave the deals to perfect! yep, and no angry bears.
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>> good morning to you. 33 minutes after the hour and right now we're following some new developments out of egypt. egyptian state tv reporting that judicial officials there have ordered that former president hosni mubarak be freed from jail and perhaps free from jail within just a matter of days. 85-year-old faces a slew of legal challenges related to corruption and also the deaths of hundreds of demonstrators around the time that he was ousted more than two years ago. also today islamic militants targeted policemen in the sinai peninsula. they killed at least 25 victims
8:34 am
execution style. the deadly violence gripping egypt has prompted the military-led government to issue a state of emergency to rule by marshal law. here is more. hi there. i can only imagine hosni mubarak gets out this week, what that would do. it would ignite things, i think. >> i think if he does get out, it would ignite thing. you might equate egypt to one of the football bomb fires. you only need to throw a match on it and that may be why the army stepped in and keeps hosni mubarak from getting out of jail, at least for right now as it turns out, most of the information about him getting out is coming from his lawyer so it could be a little bit of hopeful thinking on their part. the army in the meantime, right now with the hosni mubarak news, seems to be winning the battle of the hearts and minds there in egypt but also for the sweeps
8:35 am
themselves. they rounded up a number of people for curfew violations who were out overnight, past sundown which is now illegal in cairo and they've also rounded up much of the muslim brotherhood leadership as they try to kind of turn down the flame here and prevent them from organizing these mass rallies. one thing we did hear was a muslim brotherhood affiliated military group killing at least two dozen police officers execution style. that doesn't do much for the muslim brotherhood popularity there inside of egypt where the police and especially the army are relatively popular. muslim brotherhood passing themselves off as a peaceful political organization. this doesn't play well into that narrative, nor does the video from over the weekend where the gunmen took refuge in a mosque and taking pot shots at the assembled crowd. the police and the army moved into the mosque and fought their way in with riot gear and they were cheered by the assembled masses so that in and of itself probably gives you a sense of
8:36 am
what the feeling is like on the street right now in egypt. the curveball, of course, would possibly be hosni mubarak being revealed. he was close to the army during his tenure more than three decades in office and the thought that they release him immediately probably would not go over there well. i doubt the army is wanting to spend the little goodwill they have right now on releasing him. that said the army has done an excellent job consolidating power the next six or seven weeks. heather: you mentioned as a muslim brotherhood may be overplaying their hand and people turning against them, certainly. thank you so much for bringing us the latest on that. jon, you have more on that. jon: let's bring in lisa who is an author and fox news contributor and an expert on middle eastern events. the president has to walk a fine line here because both sides have committed atrocities.
8:37 am
>> and it it's to decide what the fine line may be. these are trained terrorists fighting a muslim population and that's the perspective that the obama administration has and pretending to be free world, if you will. this is not a peaceful protest. these are not people that are on the streets and there's no -- there's no equal, you know, equations to the two groups. these are street rat terrorists that vowed to not back down. the interim government invited them to go forward and include them in an inclusive government going forward and they declined. this is what you have. you have on the streets and the releasing of hosni mubarak, just a confusing something that would just -- it's neither here nor there. we're trying to get away from hosni mubarak, and go forward with a secular nationalist
8:38 am
government. jon: president obama said that hosni mubarak had to go but under hosni mubarak you at least had the maintenance of the camp david accord, you had a relatively peaceful egypt. did we do the wrong thing? >> well, it seems that way now in retrospect, doesn't it? it seems as though in many of these arab spring movements where the evil that we knew is better than the evil we didn't know and these radical groups were hovering overhead and to reprimand the military, the egyptian military for cracking down on the terrorists, imagine the egyptian president ripry manning the boston police for killing that terrorist the way they did. they're protecting their civilians the way we protect ourselves and it's difficult to understand why the obama administration is not understanding it that way. jon: all kinds of churches are being burned to the ground because these muslim brotherhood types are scapegoating the christians. >> they're burning down churches, court hourses, a
8:39 am
10-year-old girl that was coming from bible study, going after the civilians. this is really against the civilians. it's not one army against the other. the military is not divided. that's why we can't call it a civil war. it's a very difficult situation for the egyptian people and they want the muslim brotherhood eradicated. they want this element to be cleansed from their society. jon: we're going to continue to watch the situation. it's a very tough one but in your view, there is one side that deserves our support. >> and then we have to start seeing it that way. jon: thank you. heather? heather: some severe flooding to tell you about and it's swamping parts of eastern russia. more than 20,000 people have been forced from their homes so far and many of them are now staying in emergency shelters. teams are moving in food and also some medical supplies but experts say that the flooding, which has already caused $60 million in damages will get worse in the coming days so we'll keep watching that. they say all politics is local and now a battle over saying
8:40 am
prayers at town meetings is going all the way to the u.s. supreme court. we'll report on the arguments on both sides in this legal showdown, the arguments they're making. also pot smokers have nothing to fear at one festival out west. police are giving them bags of their favorite snack food. what's the deal here? what makes your family smile? backflips and cartwheels. love, warmth. here, try this. backflips and camm, ok!s. ching! i like the fact that there's lots of different tastes going on. mmmm!
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jon: at a setback for prosecutors in the major hasan trial. i should say court-martial at fort hood, texas. judge has blocked prosecutors from offering much of the evidence they wanted to enter to suggest the motive in this case. the judge has said that they
8:44 am
could not reference the case of hasan who is the soldier you might remember who rolled a grenade into his supervisor's tent in kuwait in advance of the iraq invasion. also said they cannot combrus evidence about hasan's interest years ago in conscientious objector status in his past academic presentations. whether or not this is going to affect the outcome of the trial, there are an awful lot of eyewitnesss who say that he is the guy who opened fire on fellow soldiers at fort hood. the motive, however, that evidence has been blocked by judge osbourne. we'll keep you updated. heather: and the academic papers could include one he wrote in washington, d.c. area where he basically expressed sympathy for suicide bombers. they said that was too long ago. that was 2007, 2008. jon: i can't believe he remained in the army after all of this. heather: another story. a fight over christian prayers at town meetings heading for the
8:45 am
supreme court. plaintiffs claim it's a violation of the first amendment but the obama administration siding with the town and the republicans who argue there's no violation of law. chief washington correspondent rosen is covering this for us. he's live in washington. hi there, james. >> good morning. this case will mark the first time the supreme court has addressed the practice of legislative prayer since upholding it some three decades ago. grease, new york, northwest of rochester. the clergy who opened the town's monthly council sessions with words of prayer have usually been christian. in 2008, two residents, one jewish and one atheist, claiming it violated the practice of separation and state. during the nine-year period from the inception of the practice to the eve of this lawsuit, a period with christian prayers. over 2/3 of the prayer included christian language and no other religious traditions were referenced.
8:46 am
obama administration is not a party to the suit but filed an friend of the court brief earlier this month and in it, the justice department found common cause with congressional republicans who long fought against the placement of further restrictions on the role of religion in the public square. court of appeals approach they wrote about the lower court that upheld the lawsuit, would inevitably let courts decide questions whether the references to the holy spirit are uniquely christian, whether alam is to muslim prayers. >> the obama administration has been trying to keep a middle ground when it comes to cases involving church and state and in this case it relied on the long historic practice of legislative prayers to say this prayer was okay. nevertheless, this is a hugely controversial issue in the court and some of the more liberal
8:47 am
justices may be inclined to push back against the obama administration's position. >> the justices will hear oral arguments on this case in october or november. heather: all right. thank you so much. jon: all right. police in one city apparently, heather, know the way to a pot smoker's heart. heather: isn't that nice? so sweet. jon: break out the munchies. some of seattle's finest armed with doritos for hemp fest. it's the first time it's been held since washington state legalized marijuana last fall. they handed out snack bags with reminders of the dos and don'ts of the new law. >> we're getting people to talk about pot. >> the nifty way to get the word out. >> don't drive while high. don't give pot to people under 21. jon: the operation comes with its own name. operation orange fingers.
8:48 am
heather: that's all funny but you think they could set a better example. it's legal but you don't want your kids messing around with that stuff. jon: i guess they don't -- well -- heather: don't they have some criminals to go after there? we have evidence to ladies, how much they eat and the risk of breast cancer. another reason to limit the time you and your family spend using your smart phones at the dining room table. we'll tell you what is staring at those devices could do to your vision in the long term. we'll be right back. ♪ now you can give yourself a kick in the rear! v8 v-fusion plus energy. natural energy from green tea plus fruits and veggies. need a little kick? ooh! could've had a v8. in the juice aisle.
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heather: some disturbing new research to tell you about on the health risks associated with smart phones. there's a recent study that
8:52 am
suggests that heavy users are more likely to become nearsighted. researchers note that the most significant changes were reported in children and young adults. let's talk to dr. campbell, a practicing cardiologist and assistant professor of medicine at the university of income number. there's a 35% increase in nearsightedness and this is really picked up since the year 2007. explain why this is. >> what we have found is that when you use smart phones, you typically hold those tablets or smart phones or electronics very close to your face. 30 centimeters or more. with books you are using 40 centimeters and it puts a significant strain on the eyes which leads to nearsightedness. heather: is that something that can be fixed in any way? if you start holding those things farther away from your face, especially children, can you prevent nearsightedness? >> i think you can help. i think the biggest thing we can do is limit screen time. i think that the american academy of pediatrics recommends no more than two hours a day of
8:53 am
screen time, including tv, video games and smart phone use. heather: medically, how long is too young for a child to use a smart phone? you see 2-year-olds, 3-year-olds playing on ipads. >> you want kids to develop with developmentally proper type tools and if you're looking at 5-year-olds using smart phones, that's too young. my daughter is 12 and got her first smart phone. heather: researchers say a way to combat this is to get your kids outdoors and that can help correct this if they're starting to develop nearsightedness. that's good news. >> right. research shows exposures to sunlight away from screens can actually reduce the progression to nearsightedness. i think that's very important to do. heather: we've got another topic for you and here's another reason not to overeat. ladies, researchers at the university of california are linking women's calorie intake to the risk for breast cancer. they take a look at more than 4,000 women and they found that those who consumed the most
8:54 am
calories were 70% more likely to develop breast cancer so does it mean people who eat a lot regularly or just once in a while go on some sort of a binge? >> this is all related to obesity. when you're obese, you have a large component of fat cells. they produce lots of things that promote tumor growth. they secrete estrogens that are associated with the development of breast cancer and uterine cancer. they release hormones that promote quicker growth of humors and cancers. heather: one of the things i read is that exercise doesn't he help out. you still run the risk of breast cancer with the result of eating extra calories. >> nutrient poor foods that have high calories often cause high levels of insulin in their body. high insulin levels are also associated with increased tumor growth. heather: that's why they say that cancer loves sugar, right?
8:55 am
>> exactly. it's all about calories in versus calories out. you can exercise but if you don't eat right, it's not going to work out. heather: that's fascinating. dr. campbell, thank you so much. we'll talk with you in the next hour about obamacare and some things that you are seeing in your practice and as you talk with young people, looking at going into medical school, so many people saying maybe that's not what i want to do. thank you so much. >> thank you so much. jon: there has been a lot of speculation about hillary clinton in 2016 but there's also growing evidence that the vice president joe biden might also be planning to run for the white house. why the v.p. backers think he really can win it all. also we continue to follow the deadly violence in egypt. a key american partner in a volatile part of the world. there's word coming that hosni mubarak, the former dictator who ruled for decades could soon go free. [ male announcer ] come to the golden opportunity sales event
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8:59 am
jon: well, one former president about to be freed from jail while another remains under arrest. the latest in egypt and trying to stop the spiralling violence there. one of the world's most active volcanos throwing ash miles in the sky, coating an entire city. and scotland yard is looking into new claims about the death of princess diana. what is behind the fresh investigation almost 16 years after she died in that paris car crash. heather: welcome to a brand new hour of "happening now."
9:00 am
jon: happening now, make room, hillary. allies of vice president biden telling the "wall street journal" they think the veep can win the 2016 nomination even if hillary clinton does enter the race and team biden is looking at steps to prepare for the possible candidacy. deputy editorial page director of the "wall street journal" will join us in a minute. you can also stay updated on all of the latest political developments with the power of fox news. sign up for our now fox news first daily politics newsletter. there it is. heather: we have a look at the extreme weather center. america's west is on fire today. a dangerous wildfire bearing down on the popular resort of sun valley, idaho, burning nearly 160 square miles there.
9:01 am
now, this fire is considered bigger than the city of denver. that is just huge. and this fire is threatening thousands of homes there as firefighters battle to contain the flames. idaho fire coming on the heels of another devastating wildfire. fires brought on by the near record drought conditions and really hot temperatures. take a look at this. utah, a fire in park city area and another risk of flareup from the one last week, still an issue today. it has destroyed more than a dozen home there is and on the right side of your screen, some 5,000 firefighters battling 10 different wildfires that are burning up and down the
9:02 am
>> you've got wing men that you want to help out and then you have your country you want to help out and then you have your state you want to help out >> that'sy joined the national guard to be able to help people. this just gives me that opportunity. >> officials say more crews are arriving and heather, they're hoping this will help them make
9:03 am
a break in the fire that is the largest burning in the country right now. heather: there's another industry being hurt there. what can you tell us about that? >> the tourist and resort industry there in idaho is right exactly where this fire is burning. when you're talking about the towns of sun valley, this is where the rich and famous decide to build their million dollar homes, people like tom hanks, arnold schwarzenegger, bruce will us all have homes in the area. you have famed ski resorts and the gorgeous natural beauty of idaho. imagine fitting an area larger than the size of denver gone. and with it, untold tourists and real estate dollars. beaver creek fire started on august 7 and right now shows little sign of stopping again unless the weather cooperates. heather: this is the best time of year to visit that part of the cannotry. it is gorgeous there so sorry this is happening. jon: as we promised, let's go
9:04 am
back to the top story. dan is the deputy editorial page director of the "wall street journal." he is with us to talk about, well, the inevitability of hillary clinton as a presidential candidate. joe biden says, hey, not so fast, huh? >> at least his friends are saying maybe not so fast. i think it's a legitimate idea, the fact that the vice president can compete with hillary clinton. make no mistake, she's the odds-on favorite, another historic presidency. nonetheless, vice president has a lot of standing in the democratic party. secondly, if he or anyone is going to run against hillary, they have to start raising money now because she's out there basically giving speeches and in effect, neutralizing the opposition which mainly means neutralizing the donor base. she's the one who has all the donors now coming her way. you've got to raise about a billion dollars to run for the presidency now, jon.
9:05 am
if joe biden is going to do that, he has to get out there and start tapping some donors himself. jon: but hillary was the inevitable candidate last time around and we know what happened. >> she was going to win and a fellow came out of left field, literally, named barack obama. the democratic left or the party has never really trusted bill or hillary clinton, they have friends on wall street, they think they're too centrist and their candidate was barack obama. i don't think that distrust of the clintons has gone away. whether it would transfer to joe biden is an open question but party professionals out -- she's been flying around the world, you know, a million miles talking to heads of state. joe biden has spent four years travelling, ceaselessly talking to party officials and parties
9:06 am
at the local level. jon: there was the photo op a couple of weeks ago when hillary clinton, former secretary of state went to visit her old boss at the white house and they had lunch at the rose garden. president obama has sort of bragged about the fact and he and joe biden have lunch together all the time. >> yeah. well, the other big prize that's sitting out there for some candidate is the obama re-election campaign organization, that huge data base they have that is in there and it's a big question whether those people are going to go to work for hillary, some already have but i think some of them are going to probably get behind joe biden as well. they know him. they've worked with him for four years. the president, i think, probably will remain neutral but i always have thought, jon, the relationship between barack obama and hillary has always had a little love/hate. they competed intense until 2008. jon: one of the things that
9:07 am
propels barack obama in the white house in 2008, he was a young, fresh face. hillary clinton is going to be 69 on inauguration day in 2016. >> and they'll look like old politicians. they've been around a long time. i think almost any republican you can think of is going to be more youthful, going to be a fresher face and at the national level, when the general election comes around, i think that's going to count for something. we are a long way from the general election in 2016. a lot of things can happen. the idea that hillary is thought to be inevitable right now is almost too early. she could start boring people by the time 2016 comes around. so to keep that inevitability afloat without competition from, say, the vice president would be difficult. i think competition is going to be a good thing if he gets in. jon: if i said 2016, i meant
9:08 am
inauguration day 2017. 69 and 74 are their ages respectively. >> nothing is inevitable. jon: we saw that in 2008. thank you. heather? heather: what do they say? 60s is the new 30? something like that. thanks. brand new development to tell you about in the battle for immigration reform. the hot button issue sparking rallies amid a push to get lawmakers to a degree grdegree degree on a bill. it tackles immigration reform piece by piece. a group of congressmen just got back from touring the border states to see the challenges themselves. hi there, william. >> heather, border security is only one piece of the immigration reform debate. arguably most important. republicans argue it is pointless to legalize everyone who is already here.
9:09 am
>> from helicopters high above the border to a patrol boat along the rio grande. >> you have to understand it to know what the problem is. rick: a congressman led a tour of the mexican border to help colleagues understand the challenges. >> i was surprised how shallow the water is, how easy someone can get across the border. >> we need to look at the border in a comprehensive way. we did have a plan. >> the plan differs from the obama administration policy that prohibits local police from helping to patrol the border. he focuses on border security and does not provide a pathway to citizenship. >> placing border security before i mean grigs reform is a political tactic. it is a way of saying we're
9:10 am
going to present this nearly impossible goal so we can negotiate and bargain for things we want. >> many border agents support the bill that requires a 90% apprehension success rate. some consider that unrealistic. >> when we talk to the agents patrolling, they're not seeing things under control so it would be a real slap in the face to them to grant status to people who have broken the law. >> this is one of the few debates in washington not about money. democrats and especially republicans want to know, will this work? here is the big picture. unless the border security law passes, rest of the immigration reform may die in the house. that means it wouldn't make it to the senate and that means immigration reform would die. the vote on this bill is expected in october. back to you. heather: william in los angeles, thank you so much. jon: right now reaction is pouring in to bomb shell
9:11 am
revelations that n.s.a. snooping was more extensive than we thought as more leaked documents show thousands of privacy violations every year. katherine is live in d.c. taking a look at this. i guess there are people on both sides of the aisle in opposition to the programs, right? >> well, there are. what is striking about the latest revelations is that democrats and republicans believe the n.s.a. has not followed the rules laid down by congress. as for the president who returned last night from vacation, on the sunday talk shows a long time republican critic of government surveillance programs said mr. obama bears some of the blame. >> he thinks that if he gets some lawyers together from the n.s.a. and they do a power point presentation and tell him everything is okay, that the n.s.a. can police themselves. >> the n.s.a. says that thousands of violations were unintentional and steps were taken to limit or mitigation the american civil liberties. republicans and democrats are not satisfied.
9:12 am
the broib is justified. >> getting all of the phone calls from all americans in the united states under the guise of information relevant to an on going investigation involving foreign intelligence gets all phone calls. well, that's, to me, a real stretch. >> the system is not working. americans were told by the chairman of the house intelligence committee there were zero privacy violations and we know that's not true. >> the amendment to block the n.s.a. collection of america's phone records was nearly defeated before the recess, now says he has the support to try again. jon: katherine, our chief intelligence correspondent in washington, thank you. heather: so much going on in egypt and the chaos there is growing. more blood is spilled and why what's happening could derail the recovering u.s. economy. jon: and scotland yard investigating a claim about princess diana almost 16 years
9:13 am
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every bed is on sale. queen mattresses now start at just $599. and save an incredible 40% on our limited edition memory foam mattress sets. only at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. jon: just in to the news room, there's a new attraction on the beach in atlantic city except it's not supposed to be there. it's that 56 foot long fishing vessel that ran a ground near ceasar's pier. authorities say the ship's captain fell asleep and that's how this thing wound up on the beach in atlantic city. they say it's no hazard right now, not spilling anything. it's just parked on the beach. they've put the crime scene tape around it not because it's a crime scene but they want to keep gawkers a little away from the thing. they'll try to float it off
9:17 am
there's high tide. heather: maybe he just wanted to gamble. you never know. quick way to get there. jon: maybe he just ran into the casino. heather: all right. let's go to a stunning story this morning out of london and that is where british police are now investigating a shocking new claim about the death of princess diana. this one suggests that the paris car crash that killed her almost 16 years ago was no accident. julie joins us live with more. welcome. this is quite a story. >> no accident. some are claiming murder. scotland yard announcing it is examining newly received information relating to the death of princess diana. conspiracies are nothing new and officials are being very cagey about giving much information beyond the headline but reportedly the estranged inlaws of a former soldier of the british special air force service sent a letter saying the soldier boasted the military was
9:18 am
behind the death of the princess of wales and her former boyfriend. they died along with the driver of the mercedes in a paris tunnel in 1997. dodie's father, the former owner of the upscale department store has maintained it was the royal family who ordered british secret services to kill diana and his son to prevent her from marrying a muslim. a spokesman for him tells fox the following. he has no comment but knows the metropolitan statement that it is investigating. he trusts that their investigation will be thorough and awaits the outcome with interest. but scotland yard stresses this is not a reinvestigation into diana's death. the royal family is not commenting. >> this has to be immensely tough on william and harry. they do have a smiling hatred of the media on many levels because of this reason. and also because they do believe that the media helps drive diana
9:19 am
to her death. in saying that, they believe as most reasonable people do, that it was just a tragic accident. >> a tragic accident the world will never forget. 2008 ip quest blamed grossly negligent driving and paparazzi for the death. heather: this all came out between the former soldier and his ex-wife. thanks. jon: still ahead, workers at a big university are dealing with a health care mandate that could affect their privacy. a live report on this controversy. wait until you hear what they're being asked and why the turmoil in egypt could also derail our economy. how the crisis there is being felt here at home. ♪ for a strong bag that grips the can... get glad forceflex.
9:20 am
small change, big difference.
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heather: 22 minutes after the hour now and there are growing fears and the turmoil in egypt could disrupt the supply of oil to the united states and egypt as well. it controls the waterways that allow oil shipments to come from the middle east, eventually to our country. last thursday the price of crude oil hit a four month high of $111.23 a barrel. so far today, the price is hovering somewhere near that and in the meantime, both sides in egypt really seem to be digging in for a long fight as the deadly violence continues, the vulnerability of those oil routes will be a major concern. let's talk with richard grin he will about this, former spokesman for four u.s. ambassadors to the united nationses and also a fox news contributor. if there's one thing we don't like, it's inflation and turmoil.
9:24 am
what do you see for that in this country? >> it's the number one reason why you've got to get diplomacy right. diplomacy is not just good relations with egypt at this point. it directly affects the u.s. economy. it's judge john kerry has to get this right. he has to really rely on chuck hagel and susan rice, all hands need to be on deck because what happens in egypt is really indicative for what happens throughout the entire region for the united states, for western europe, it really is an important country that represents the bridge into the intoir -- entire region. heather: let's talk about the political implications in a moment and focus on the oil. this is such a huge issue. egypt doesn't produce a lot of it but it's in control of so many of the geography that affects our ability to get it. let's take a look at the map. we have a map that talks about the direction of oil and as it
9:25 am
comes to the suez canal and then heads over the to atlantic. you may not be able to see it right now but down around south africa and that is the way that things may have to go if things get a lot dicier there in egypt. so i'm just wondering, what do you think the impact this could be on the united states and other countries? >> well, obviously the price of oil will dramatical gl up just because trying to get it to the united states is a huge long way compared to the shortest distance between the two points. so what you're going to see is oil companies are going to have to pass on that fee for now carrying oil all the way around on to the consumer so we'll see it at the pump within 30 days. heather: okay. it has to go appear extra 3,000 miles if that's the case. let's talk about the political
9:26 am
implications and you just wrote a piece that appeared on fox a short time ago that the united states manage calculating and backing the man from the iaea and the united nations. he stepped down. why was that a bad move? >> john kerry and albaradei are good friends. when john kerry was running in 2004, he was el baradei who was getting involved in the u.s. elections. he was chastized by colin powell at the time to stay out of the u.s. elections. he released this report about iraq that was damaging to the bush administration, literally days before we went to the election in november of 2004 so john kerry and el baradei are very close. they enjoy each other. they're great diplomats.
9:27 am
what happened is john kerry convinced president obama and national security adviser susan rice to really rely on el baradei. the security department put all their eggs in the basket that appeared to be sdas ru disasterous. it was a warning sign that john kerry could have seen early on but didn't. heather: do you think they didn't have what it would take to deal with a messy situation over there? >> that was obvious to every single person except john kerry. el baradei is more comfortable in vienna. he spent more time in vienna than he has in cairo. when he ran for president in egypt, he really didn't do well. he couldn't even convince the supporters that wanted him. so the writing was on the wall that he wasn't going to be able to really understand the street in egypt but yet, john kerry decided, let's go with him.
9:28 am
heather: so perhaps their personal relationship blinded secretary kerry. i expect we'll hear more from this. thank you so much and boy, what a resume he has, too. thank you. jon: there is new controversy over obamacare with the president charging republicans have not come up with a replacement for his health care law. is that true? our fair and balanced report on the way. al-jazeera known for receiving and broadcasting osama bin laden's video messages, now it's getting ready to launch a news network here in the u.s. our news watch panel weighs in on those prospects next. pu
9:29 am
9:30 am
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9:32 am
jon: amid all the controversy over the roll out of obamacare the president going on offensive, blasting the republicans who are critical of his signature piece of legislation. he is charging gop lawmakers never offered health care plans never offered health care plans jim angle is live in washington with a fact check. >> reporter: president obama says republicans are trying to roll out obamacare without, he says, alternatives. >> they used to say they will replace it with something better. there is not even pretense they will replace it with something better. >> for the president to say that the no member of congress hat not put up solution to health
9:33 am
care analysis is not true. >> reporter: dr. pryce has his own plan that was passed before obamacare and his isn't the only one. >> the president has incredibly short memory. he seems to have forgotten his campaign spent millions and millions of dollars attacking the john mccain health plan. >> reporter: after the campaign the plan was sponsored in both houses of congress by senator tom coburn and congressman paul ryan. >> refundable tax credit to every american. would treat us all the same unlike obamacare t would not discourage employers from hiring anyone. would not push us all into part-time jobs. >> reporter: one analysts note most republican plans, including the price plan, aim to give every american the same tax benefit that those who get tax-free employer provided insurance get but put the power and money under the individual's control. >> if you boss controls your health care spending your boss gets to choose your insurance.
9:34 am
if the government gets to control your health care spending, they get to ration care. if you control your own money, then you get more choice and more control over your health care dollars. >> reporter: republican plans would let individuals decide what kind of insurance they want, while obamacare dictate what is people must buy. republicans make clear they do indeed have alternatives including ways to protect those with preexisting conditions in spite of the president's comments. jon? jon: jim angle, live in washington. jim, thank you. >> reporter: you bet. heather: let's stick with this theme because there is another controversial health care story to tell you about as we learn penn state university is forcing its employees to either reveal details about their very private medical history, or face a hefty $1200 annual fine. david lee miller is covering this for us. he is live in our new york city newsroom with more. this is really growing to have a lot of people very concerned. hi, david. >> reporter: hi, heather. some are calling this the other
9:35 am
penn state scandal. the university's 40,000 employees have been told they must answer an online questionnaire as part of a school wellness program or else have $100 deducted from their paychecks each and every month. questions include height, weight, and cholesterol levels. but critics say, others are more invasive. asking about feelings of depression to use of tobacco. one question of men, quote, do you do a monthly test particular self-exam? the school says all this information will be kept confidential. critics are to the so sure and at least one professor says he will fill the survey out but only with nonsensical answers. >> suggestion is that penn state employees duty till any fill out the profiles and fill them with junk. for example, in my profile i'm three feet eight inches tall and i weigh 50-pound. >> reporter: the school says the questionnaire is part of a broader well-if heness program to lower the cost of employee
9:36 am
health care. university officials who declined a request for an interview said similar programs are common practice in the business community but some health care experts aler what penn state is doing often costs more money than it will save. >> this is not penn state doing this to their employees for their own good. this is penn state doing this to our employees for their own bad because in fact if the employees do what penn state wants them to do and go out and get all of these medical care and screens and testing, their costs will skyrocket. >> reporter: again, what makes the penn state program especially controversial here is the $100 per month fine for non-compliance. most other programs offer employees an incentive or a reward rather than only punishing workers for their non-participation. i guess anothers, heather, you get more with honey than you do with vinegar. heather: david lee miller that is unbelievable.
9:37 am
can't make this stuff up, can you? thank you, david. for more challenges facing the health care industry lately, let's bring back dr. kevin campbell, practicing cardiologist and assistant professor at university of north carolina. let me get your reaction. wow, your employer through web md would have access to your personal information. >> i have a big issue with this. the dr.-patient relationship is sacred relationship and based on trust and anonymity. for the employer to ask these types of personal questions is completely out of line. heather: how much you drink, depression. they're not allowed to legally but they could discriminate against their employees. >> that is what i worry about, if they want to cut health care costs and you're high-risk from developing chronic diseases what is to keep them from firing you based on the questionnaire? heather: talk about another hot topic, obamacare. anytime you talk to doctor, hospital administrator they cut to medicare reimbursement rates? what does that mean to patients because these cuts to rates have
9:38 am
been happening for some time now. >> they have. it is a bandaid effect year after year after year. congress will meet. they will vote to extend the period of time before the cuts ultimately take effect. what will happen, fewer and fewer physicians will be able to afford to accept medicare. many seniors will be out there without adequate physician care that really scares me for myself, for my parents and for all the elderly. heather: we have a baby boom generation aging and they need the medical care. tau buck how more and more terrific hospitals are not being, a lot of insurance companies and employers are not accepting those hospitals into their networks anymore. that really will make a lot of people nervous especially if they have very special needs, cancer care, for example. >> exactly. there was an article recently in the "wall street journal" that talked about this. in fact insurance companies are in the catbird seat. they're negotiating rates they will pay for certain services and they come to health systems. if they agree not to accept those rates, then they will be excluded as preferred provider.
9:39 am
these are big systems like vanderbilt university medical center, ucla, rush, northwestern, places where cutting-edge technology exists. heather: some of the best facilities out there. let's talk about consolidation in the hospital industry. you see so many community hospitals being gobbled up by these bigger conglomerates. they say they kind of need to consolidate in order to save money but the impact of that i would worry about. >> i think there's really, it's geographically determined. if you have a big city like new york or boston i think this can raise costs. it can be more difficult on the patient and allow for less choice. however in a more rural state, such as eastern north carolina, when big hospital systems like university of north carolina buy up small practices it improves access to care for patients who may not get that tertiary care in the first place. heather: let's hope that papers. one thing you're concerned about is the march to a single-payer system. government says, okay we'll let the free market take effect here and rates are just going to go
9:40 am
up, therefore the government swoops in and says single-payer. you're worried about that. >> very much so. i think ultimately the patient suffers. when we don't take care of patients because of government intervention the patient suffers. heather: dr. kevin campbell, thank you so much. appreciate you joining us. >> thank you so much. heather: jon? jon: how about this one? don't save? maybe the nanny state should force you. the state where you soon could have to part with some of your paycheck whether you want to or not. plus al-jazeera america debuts tomorrow. the network will be available in about 40 million homes thanks to al gore. but the al-jazeera brand will have to come a very negative perception among lots of american viewers. our "news watch" panel takes a look. the house. it's hard to find contractors with the passion and the skill, and that's why we use angie's list. online or on the phone, we help you hire right the first time with honest reviews on over 720 local services.
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9:44 am
year alone. witnesses describe the eruption as much more massive than usual. look at that thankfully no injuries are reported. iran will start teaching its high school students how to track and hunt down drones by hacking into their computer system. according to the country's powerful revolutionary guard, the lesson will be taught as part after course, quote, defensive readiness. and we teach stranger danger. okay. the justice department taking steps to seize a handful of luxury items including a crystal glove once worn by michael jackson this from the son of a wealthy african dictator. they say the items were purchased with stolen public money. interesting. jon: we'll let you know if they get them back. teen mime there is a new news network launching tomorrow, al-jazeera. its counter part overseas under fire in the past. some charge it gave a voice to terrorists when it received and
9:45 am
aired taped messages from usama bin laden and al qaeda after the attacks of 9/11. also, aja might face an uphill battle trying to change public perception of its programing here in the u.s. let's talk about it with our "fox news watch" panel. jim pinkerton, contributing editor and writer for "american conservative" magazine. alan colmes, home of the alan colmes show and author of, "thank the liberals for saving america" the both are fox news contributors. jim, when it was envisioned it would be heavily skewed, well, not heavily, but about 60% domestic news and 40% overseas news. now they're saying this will be a mostly domestic coverage television channel from al-jazeera. do they stand a chance? >> well, you know it is a big cable world and they have a lot of money they hired a ton of people here in new york and in washington and so, i don't think they really care frankly what their ratings are.
9:46 am
the government of qatar long ago decided with al-jazeera international they wanted to be a player in the media by spending a fortune and they have done that and, i think we'll have to see what they have put on the air but i suspect it will be around for a long time even if nobody watches. jon: nobody is watching current tv right now. they had 24,000 viewers in prime time the last i checked that is the channel that is going to become al-jazeera. what do you think, alan? >> i have more people than that in my building. i just, i believe in free speech. i also believe in the free market. people will either watch it or not. if they can fund it forever want to presence in america that's fine. if we're afraid what they might say, that's too bad but let the marketplace decide and let free speech reign. jon: they are giving them a lot of jobs to journalists from, you know, other networks, a lot of famous names who are on, shows like "good morning america" and "nbc nightly news."
9:47 am
they will be anchoring for al-jazeera. that's a good thing, right, alan. >> don't you believe in employment? jon: i do. >> we might go over at some point you never know this is shaky business. we could go over together and need a job. jon: have you gotten an e-mail from them. >> they have not made an offer, no. jon: they have haven't done that for me either. what about the editorial side, jim. al-jazeera, many people saw it as a mouthpiece for usama bin laden because that was the channel that regularly aired his diatribes right after 9/11. >> well i think there is something to that, but look, they're an arab news channel. let's face it, many if not most arabs probably support what bin laden was trying to do in killing americans and so on. the polls from the pew center certainly show that they cover stuff. i give them credit. on the, stories like egypt and syria i find myself watching. i'm under no illusion as to their bias but they spend real money to put real reporters into hot zones and cover them and
9:48 am
they do it hours on end. there's a value to it. i believe in the, we report you decide syndrome or philosophy. therefore i like to think i'm, as i'm watching their footage i'm thinking okay, this could be, probably is biased, however, i still want to see it. jon: but, you know, if they are going to focus primarily on domestic news in this country, alan, are they going to be serving that same kind of niche that jim likes, putting people in trouble. >> jim may not be the typical viewer of al-jazeera as far as i can tell but why not have another voice? why not, first of all we don't know what their editorial policy is yet. they haven't hit the air yet till tomorrow. wouldn't it be healthy an helpful for us to see in fact what another take on domestic news might be? i think it is educational and informative to understand a different point of view. jon: jon. >> they couldn't be more anti-america than r-2, the
9:49 am
russian tv channel. jon: they had a flood in the building. but we hope that doesn't get in the way of plans to get on the air. the hotel where the news program is had a pipe break. that has to be adding nerves. jim, alan, thank you. heather: so interesting. i bet they team up with a major news network to provide overseas coverage. the editorial stuff could be more important than ever if they're airing u.s. reporters here on stations. jon: the bbc wants more of its coverage in this country as well. there will be that battle. heather: got some competition. not really. not for us. all right, no 401(k)? no problem. that is because one state is considering forcing private employees, private employers rather to save money for retirement, or else! we'll tell you where this is happen hag. six decades later the cia is finally revealing its role in a coup that put the shah of iran in power. we'll tell you all about this.
9:50 am
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heather: right now the nanny state could soon be helping you, well, making you, listen to this, keep a piggybank. california lawmakers are now considering a plan that would automatically deduct a portion of workers paychecks for their retirement if their employers don't offer a 401(k), how about kent from the fox business network is breaking this down for us. so how does this work, jo? >> reporter: that's right, heather. it is called the secure choice retirement savings program and it has preliminary approval the program requires private sector employers to automatically allocate 3% of every workers paycheck for retirement savings unless they choose to opt out. this actually affects people who do not already have a
9:54 am
traditional work place retirement plan. about six million working calfornians do not have access to personal 401 k options. so state lawmakers are trying to implement a mandatory way for people to save for the future. it would be saved in private accounts and managed privately, according to the proposal so individuals would choose how they invest their own money. the state mandate says only 3% is safe, heather. heather: there are a lot of supporters of this idea. what are they saying about it? >> the critics say it would be hard for california to implement this because of their state's rocky reputation with money, budget issues, ongoing pension issues but a certified financial planner i spoke to this morning said this could be a important way for california to address its population to anticipate what is being called a retirement tsunami. targets workers largely to most likely retire on social security which will not necessarily be reliable and savings rate here in the u.s. is not very high and workers would have a free choice how they invest and supporters
9:55 am
say the easier it is to save for retirement the better they forecast for the economy to look like down the line and avoid what happened in 2008. the proposal says no more than 50% of the savings would be invested in equities. heather? heather: jo ling kent, a fascinating debate to have. i could see both side to that. jon: but as she said, i don't see anybody in the state of california who ought to be telling people to invest. heather: stay away from my money. jon: can i say that? that state is in such good shape. breaking new developments in the fort hood shooting or court-martial i should say. a key ruling that could be a big setback for victims families a live report coming up. you know throughout history,
9:56 am
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>> the cia comes clean after 60 years revealing it was involved
9:59 am
in the coup for the return of the sha h. they showed the role in the cooperation. america's kopgz was an open secret but the cia refused to confirm it to now. president obama acknowledged that the u.s. played i role in the coup. in the middle of the cold war, the united states played a part in the democratically elected government. that is black and white resource. >> back in the day they showed it before the movies. >> we use it a lot. thank you for joining us today. thank you for having us. america live starts right now. we begin with a fox news alert in the breaking new developments in the fort hood shooting.
10:00 am
ruling that the judge could make on the ruling of the terrorist attack. >> we got word from the fort hood military base that victim's family members may speak out to the media. this comes after the judge blocked key evidence and presented prosecutors saying they could not use key witnesses they wanted to and explain the motive behind the attack. major nidal hasan is a cowed of killing 13 and wounding 30 others in fort. >> good to see you. interesting turn of events today. one of the final steps of the prosecution and from the prosecution's side was to dwelve in major


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